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Nature Safe Plant Food (10kg)

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This organic nature safe plant food contains 100% organic plant-based ingredients that are rich in amino acids and trace elements. It will help promote a healthy ecosystem which will assist in producing strong and healthy plants.

It can be used as a pre-planting feed, top dressing or for actively growing plants. The all-natural ingredients make this plant food child and pet-friendly once applied. Use this feed on all plants and vegetables.

Apply 50-75g per sq.m (a handful is roughly 60g) and mix in with the soil before planting, water to then activate the pellets.

For actively growing plants apply every 7-14 days during the growing period.

For use as a top dressing repeat application every 3-4 weeks.

The NPK ratio of this fertiliser is 6:3:2 6% Nitrogen (organically bound) 3% Phosphorus 2% Potassium Oxide.

This Nature Safe Plant Food helps produces strong and healthy plants and is 100% plant-based. This organic fertiliser provides a quick and continuous feed and promotes a natural healthy eco-system.

When to use:

  • Can be used as a pre-planting feed.
  • Apply every 7-14 days during the growing season.
  • As a top dressing, repeat every 3-4 weeks during the growing season.


  • Instructions for use:
  • Apply 50-75g/m² (one handful is approx. 50g).
  • Mix with soil prior to planting.
  • Water in to activate granules. Safety information:
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Read label before use.
  • Replace lid on bucket and store in a cool and dry area to ensure quality of product.
More Information
Brand Nature Safe
Height (CM) 100
Width (CM) 300
Depth (CM) 520
Weight (KG) 10

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