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Benefits Of Rotational Moulding

We manufacture our Classic Rotol and Garden King composters by the process of rotational moulding rather than the more common technologies of either injection moulding or blow moulding. This gives us two main types of benefit, namely: environmental and product quality.

Rotational moulding is a slow, gentle, process. A measured charge of plastic powder (100% recycled) is introduced into the mould. The mould then rotates at about 5 rpm and gently rocks up and down whilst being heated. Powder particles adhere to the mould and other particles to them in a slow, even, process. The mould is then cooled, the plastic contracts and the composter and lid is removed.

Each cycle takes approximately half an hour. But with 12 dedicated machines and a shift production system we can produce upwards of 200,000 composters every year. In addition to this, new moulds and machines can easily and speedily be added to rapidly meet additional demand.