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If you’re a horse owner, or have a passion for all things equine, you’ll know that taking care of your stables isn’t an easy job. Between grooming and cleaning alone, you’ll need a full set of horse stable products to give your horses a great environment to live in, and Original Organics’ collection of equestrian essentials has you covered.


We offer a full range of essential equestrian products to ensure your stables and horses are fully looked after. For example, you’ll know that any hay you feed them should be damp, in order to reduce the amount of sugar present, as well as lowering the risk of mould growing within it. Consequently, investing in one of our top-selling original hay soakers will ensure that your horses are well-fed, and aren’t susceptible to any respiratory problems from what they eat. You should also consider picking up a hay net to keep the hay together, and make it easier to place into your soaker.

Our bale cutters let you cut hay safely and easily, while our portable mangers will keep them well-hydrated for longer.

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