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ROTO Water Barrel 350L

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Looking for a different type of water butt? 

The new 350L ROTO water butt barrel. You may think it's made out of wood due to its amazing quality & premium design. It's made of durable plastic! This product is the perfect fit to feature the natural surroundings of your garden.

Key Infomation: 

  • Made in the UK.
  • Designed then manufactured with only the highest quality materials.
  • A premium design to add style to any garden.
  • Does not require a stand.
  • Comes with a tap.
  • Perfect for a medium/large courtyard, garden, or balcony.
  • The Rain Barrel is roto-molded from a highly durable material that is UV and impact resistant.

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The 350L Wood Effect Water Barrel is beautifully made to blend in with the natural surroundings of your garden and is an ideal rainwater harvesting system.

There's no need to hide this water butt away from visitors as its design and quality will make you proud to show it off. These barrels are roto-moulded from a highly durable material which is UV and impact resistant, so the barrel keeps its look and shape over the years.

Collecting free rainwater allows you to reduce your water bill and provides water which is free from chlorine - a chemical added to drinking water that inhibits plant growth. Another benefit of storing rainwater outside is the natural temperature of the water, which will not shock your plants like cold water from a tap can do. The 350L is the perfect size for a small courtyard, garden or balcony.

The 350L includes a tap for ease of use. You will need to buy a downpipe filter which provides an entry point for the water from your downpipe to the rain barrel. The filter will stop the unwanted leaves and dirt entering the rain barrel helping to stop clogging and contamination of the water.

Once the rain barrel is full, the downpipe filter will redirect the excess water back down the drainpipe. At the bottom of the rain barrel, you are provided with a tap which allows to you fill your watering can.

To maintain this waterbutt, we've got you covered! - All you'll need is one of our Microbial Discs or our Treatment Bottle just for waterbutts!


  • Top: 28 inches (711mm)
  • Diameter: 32 inches (813mm)
  • Bottom: 26 inches (660mm)
  • Height: 36 inches (914mm)
More Information
Colour Black
Capacity (Litres) 350
Brand Roto
Height (CM) 88.9
Width (CM) 81.3
Depth (CM) 81.3
Weight (KG) 18
Warranty (Years) 2

Product Installation / Information Guide

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