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The Original Hay Soaker

The Original Hay Soaker

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The Original Hay Soaker

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The Original Hay Soaker is an all-in-one solution to hay soaking. With its patented drainage tray and tap, it makes soaking hay an easy task. This product includes the stand shown in imagery.
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The Original Hay Soaker is an all-in-one solution to hay soaking. With its patented drainage tray and tap, it makes soaking hay an easy task. Just fill the Soaker with Hay, either in a net or loose, fill up with water and soak for the desired amount of time. Then empty the water from the Hay Soaker using the tap. Job done.

Soaking hay will help Horses with Laminitis, Respiratory Problems, Coughing, Insulin Resistance, COPD, RAO, Cushing's, Colic, Ulcers, Heaves and many other health issues. It will also help in maintaining a horses weight.

Will hold a medium haynet full of hay
The high quality robust design will withstand the elements year after year.
Locking clips secure the lid to the base and the handles make it easy to manoeuvre.
The Patented Tray allows excess water to drip off once emptied.
A hose pipe can be slid onto the tap enabling the water to be emptied in a different spot.
Brass Aeration Vents in the lid allow for airflow

Capacity: 100 ltrs
Height: 73cm / Width: 53cm / Depth: 43cm

A stand is included for those wanting to lift the Soaker off the ground for easier access to the tap.

Additional Tips:

  • Place hay in hay net before placing in soaker

  • 5-20 minute soak to remove dust

  • 1 hour soak can reduce the sugars up to 31% 

  • Do not use soaked hay until after 24 hours soaking

  • Attach a hose to the tap to direct water flow elsewhere

  • Feed livestock 2-3% of their body weight a day

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