Twin Pack - 500ml Be Green - Compost Maker For Grass | Compost Accelerator

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Twin Pack - 500ml Be Green - Compost Maker For Grass | Compost Accelerator

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Transform your grass into nutrient-rich compost with Be Green's Compost Maker for Grass 500ml. Engineered to expedite the breakdown of grass, resulting in top-notch compost.

Boost air circulation by mixing it with woodchips or similar waste materials.

In as little as ten weeks, you'll have compost that's perfect for any compost bin.
Enjoy up to 50 applications.

Introducing the revolutionary Be Green Grass Compost Maker, an innovative solution that turbocharges the composting process of grass into top-notch compost. With only 10ml of Compost Maker blended with a full watering-can, you can effectively handle up to one-and-a-half bin bags of waste. In just ten weeks of natural decomposition, the compost is fully prepared for use. This game-changing product not only revitalizes partially-composted or inactive heaps but also suits all varieties of compost bins for your convenience.

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Tumbleweed Compost Aerator

Enhance your composting process significantly with Tumbleweed's aerator, featuring a lightweight and convenient design. Crafted with a comfortable, ergonomically designed handle, this composting tool ensures ease and efficiency. Additionally, it boasts a galvanized steel finish for durability. Place your order now and take advantage of its 90mm length.

Backyard Composting Book By John Roulac

Backyard Composting is a way to make a positive impact on the Earth right in your own back garden. It embodies basic values like cleanliness and responsibility. By composting at home, you can reduce the amount of waste you produce, conserve water, promote plant growth, eliminate the need for toxic fertilizers and pesticides, and even enjoy the process. While you may not receive an award for your efforts, the natural world will certainly thank you. This guide offers simple tips for getting started, maintaining your compost pile, and using the resulting fertilizer. It also covers a range of composting bins and offers advice on building your own from scrap materials. With this guide and a commitment to the environment, you can make a real difference. Printed on 100% recycled paper.

Recycled Fine Mesh Sieve

Sturdy plastic sieve featuring resilient steel diamond mesh. Ideal for sieving compost to provide the perfect base for successful seed germination or cutting propagation. The mesh holes are 9mm wide by 5mm. Constructed using recycled polypropylene and galvanized steel.

Size Check: 36cm (14") Long 31cm (12") Wide 12.5cm (5") High

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Capacity - Litres1 Litre
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