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Deluxe Wormeries

Wormery Instructions

The Deluxe Wormeries provides an upgraded more efficient way to turn your kitchen waste into liquid feed and rich organic vermicompost which you can use to plant beautiful flowers or tasty vegetables. The Deluxe Wormery includes all the basic components that the standard wormery offers but also provides that little bit of extra help and guidance to get you going so you get the best possible results. The Deluxe Wormeries include:

  • The tiger wormery with the trays, drainage sump tray, tap & lid
  • Tiger worms
  • 1.5kg Lime Mix
  • Coir Worm Bedding
  • Worm treats
  • A coir fibre moisture mat
  • Composting with worms guide book

The worm treats, and moisture mats have two functions; they can soak up the moisture in the wormery, as if it is too wet, the worms could die or be ineffective. But they can also be broken down by the worms and turned into nutrient rich vermicompost. The illustrated book guides you with clear, easy to follow instructions so that you too can become an expert at vermicomposting.

The wormeries come in unique, vibrant colours or the popular black and green colours. Whatever your taste, we have the perfect wormery for you.

Explore our range of Deluxe Wormeries below or read our Building Your Wormery Guide which includes a step-by-step process for setting up your wormery and have a look at our FAQ's as well for further information.