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Standard Wormeries

The Standard Wormeries include all you require to get your wormery composting journey off to a flying start. Wormeries produce nutrient-rich liquid feed and organic vermicompost, by using the food waste you would usually throw away. Convert your kitchen waste and turn it into a garden full of colourful flowers or scrumptious vegetables with the help of nature's hardest workers, the tiger worms.

In our standard wormeries, you will receive everything to get you started. It includes:

  • The tiger wormery with the trays, drainage sump tray, tap & lid
  • Approximately 100 Tiger worms
  • 1.5kg Lime Mix
  • Coir Worm Bedding

Each item plays a crucial part in maintaining your wormery. The tiger worms break down your food wastes while the lime mix ensures that the wormery is kept stable and non-acidic. The coir bedding helps to introduce the worms into their new environment and also to help to soak up extra moisture. We have a wide range of standard wormeries in a variety of exciting colours so that you can find the perfect wormery to suit your garden and tastes.

Explore our great range of Standard Wormeries below or read our Building Your Wormery Guide which includes a step-by-step process for setting up your wormery and have a look at our FAQ's as well for further information.


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17 Items

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